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These photographs were taken by shooting downward into glasses filled with liquors and liqueurs. The resulting image is reminiscent of petri dishes and perfectly captures the topic and the approach of the cover story on liquor privatization.

We often refer to “the Drexel difference,” because this isn’t a typical university. There is nothing ordinary about our signature model of experiential learning, our students, nor our outcomes.

Nowhere is this truer than in our research enterprise. Drexel owes its exceptional approach to inquiry to our belief that academics have a practical role to play in the world and that institutions of higher education should help to answer socially important questions.

I’m especially proud of the practical ingenuity on display in this edition of EXEL Magazine, our annual compendium of Drexel research. Whether wringing new insights from simple methodologies or boldly experimenting with new materials that seem straight out of science fiction, the researchers whose work is presented in these pages are gazing with open minds at problems that urgently demand a fresh perspective.

From the psychologist who combined simple brain scans in a new way to explain how creativity is sparked … to the expert microbiologist pursuing a new infectious disease theory of Alzheimer’s … to the engineer building microscopic “bots” to burrow through plaque inside blood vessels blocked by atherosclerosis — Drexel researchers veer from well-worn paths in pursuit of bold, impactful discoveries that can truly make a difference.

I hope you enjoy this edition of EXEL and find as much inspiration as I do in the unique contributions Drexel is making toward a healthier, safer and better world.

John A. Fry / President