Ten Experiments  to Save  the Earth


Putting the  ‘Treat’  into Treatment


Shoestring Science, with a Smartphone


Digital Forensics that Spot Deepfakes


Clock Is Ticking for Pennsylvania’s Health


We’re Not in  ‘Oz’ Anymore


Battery Science: Charging Forward


AI’s Niche Value in Retailing


Taking the City’s Temperature


Land, Talent and Science


Starving Breast Cancer in the Brain


Rowhomes Versus Refineries


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Experiments at the Edge of the Metaverse


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Designing for, and With, the Community


How to Build a  Lab in Six Weeks

_Modern-day Dousing Rod

A patented device uses sound waves to identify lead in underground water pipes, a boon to aging cities.

_Keeping Up with COVID

_Bahrad A. Sokhansanj

Drexel is using machine learning to spot the rise of dangerous COVID variants that may emerge in the future.

_Opioid Improvements

_Kathleen Ward AND TEAM

Pandemic-era changes to prescribing guidelines for the lifesaving drug buprenorphine led to improved treatment outcomes for patients with opioid use disorder.

_Trustworthy Arbitration

_Nicole Iannarone

A case study examining investors' grievances with stockbrokers suggests ways to make mandatory arbitration a more transparent and inclusive process.

_Forever Contaminated

_Christopher Sales AND TEAM

The microbes that break down waste may explain how "forever chemicals" end up in soil and water.

_Ever-ready Brainiacs

_Sean O'Donnell

The study of neural plasticity — a property that all animals’ nervous systems share — provides insights into the dynamics between behavior and the environment.

_Editing Genes to Cure HIV

_Michael Nonnemacher AND TEAM

Three Drexel scientists are playing instrumental roles in a nationwide quest to conquer HIV using CRISPR gene-editing technology.

_Covert Classroom Bullies

_Brian Daly

Research shows that students are adept at perceiving who’s being picked on in school and by whom, but that teachers miss the signs.

_Pencil It In

_Yanliu Huang

A comparison of paper calendars versus digital calendars showed that old-fashioned, hand-written plans are more likely to produce results.

_Estrogen and Brain Injury

_Ramesh Raghupathi

Targeting hormones may help alleviate or prevent depression in women and girls with brain injuries.

_Safe Skylines for Birds

_Jason Weckstein

Ornithologists are collaborating with companies to monitor and reduce bird collisions with buildings in the Philadelphia region.

_Finding Early Alzheimer’s

_Felix Agbavor AND TEAM

The natural language AI algorithms behind the chatbot program ChatGPT can help doctors spot early Alzheimer’s disease, researchers find.

_Patched Up Hearts

_Randy Stevens AND TEAM

Motivated by the delicacy of infant heart surgery, an interdisciplinary team patented an internal patch that makes repeat operations safer and faster. 

_Do Sea Turtles Need Shade?

_James Spotila

A technique conservationists use to preserve sea turtle populations could backfire if implemented too broadly.

_A Turn Toward Custom Ankle implants

_Brian Garvey AND TEAM

An engineering professor opened the door to durable, custom joint replacements after correcting a long-held misunderstanding of ankle anatomy.

_Beyond Bottom Lines

_Xin Dai

Profitability alone will not win the day in boardrooms.

_Evolving on the Fly

_Jacob Russell

Short-lived pea aphids are giving Drexel researchers a real-time window into how temperature change influences evolution.

_Algo Knits for Smart Fabrics

_David Breen

Researchers are translating the loops and twists of knitting into a digital algorithm — a key step in the process of incorporating new technologies into “smart” textiles.

_An Early Test for Lyme

_Mary Ann Comunale

A prize-winning new test for Lyme disease could help doctors make a speedy diagnosis of the tick-borne disease.

_Hug Tree, Have Granola

_Dane Ward AND TEAM

Add healthy eating to the list of ways that nature is good for us.

_This Extra-Curricular is the Bomb

_Andrew DeLuca

A first-year electrical engineering major has assembled a robotics team to construct rovers for precision tasks.

_The Limits of Limited-Time Sales

_Jillian Hmurovic

Online retailers may not capitalize on a traditional marketing tactic that drove generations of shoppers to stores.

_City-to-City Vax Disparities

_Usama Bilal

Cities in the West were less likely to exhibit wide socioeconomic disparities in citizens’ access to the COVID-19 vaccine when it first became available.

_Five-Minute Autism Diagnosis

_Andrea Wieckowski AND TEAM

Seasoned clinicians can usually spot autism within the first five minutes of meeting a child, a finding that opens the door to fast-tracked interventions.

_Antique Data Confirms Owl Discovery

_Jason Weckstein AND TEAM

DNA from a 173-year-old museum specimen at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University enabled ornithologists to describe two new species of Brazilian screech owl.

_Power Patch for Wearable Tech

_Yury Gogotsi AND TEAM

Researchers are one step closer to making wearable textile technology a reality with the successful design of a working, flexible, wearable supercapacitor patch.

_Overdose Survival: Risks

_Janna Ataiants AND TEAM

Opioid overdoses can cause a cycle of cognitive damage that makes overdoses likelier to recur.

_Fighting Addiction Stigma

_Annette Gadegbeku AND TEAM

Students at the College of Medicine are destigmatizing opioid use disorder to improve overdose reversal training and advocate for new treatments.

_Efficient Mercury Removal

_Masoud Soroush

A material developed at Drexel can remove even low levels of mercury from contaminated bodies of water.

_Pay Gaps Thrive in Nonprofits

_Curtis Hall

A study confirmed significant pay disparities between male and female leaders in the nonprofit world.