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_Big Data Visualized

_Lisa Ulmer AND TEAM

In academia, comprehensive research can sometimes mean expansive, seemingly endless spreadsheets of data.

_Cancer Discovery

_Mauricio J. Reginato

A Drexel Medicine researchers says a naturally occuring sugar appears to play a key role in the growth of prostate cancer. Suppressing this sugar, he says, could help fight the cancer in years to come.

_Corporate Responsibility

Nearly every large company runs corporate responsibility programs, but the larger public—and the companies themselves—may not fully understand what corporate responsibility actually is.

_Brain Power

_Eugene Hong

Drexel’s Human Cognition Enhancement Program is breaking down departmental barriers to generate groundbreaking, comprehensive brain and behavioral research.

_Green Infrastructure

_Franco Montalto

Drexel's Franco Montalto is searching for better ways to deal with problematic urban storm water.

_It’s Who You Know

_Ralph Walkling AND TEAM

For success on Wall Street, who you know could trump what you know.

_Material Recognition

_James Rondinelli AND TEAM

Materials engineers receive young investigator recognition from Army Research office

_Shell Game

_Gary Rosenberg

Mollusks such as snails and slugs may appear to be simple in composition at first glance—an issue that has caused an ongoing debate about just how many species this phylum can claim.

_Plasma for Poultry

_Jennifer Quinlan AND TEAM

Food safety researchers at Drexel may have found a way to stop the spread of foodborne bacteria.

_Autism Findings

_Brian Lee

A Sweden-based study led by Drexel researchers shows smoking during pregnancy does not cause autism.

_Beyond the Mock Trial

_Karl Okamoto

Karl Okamoto, an Earle Mack School of Law expert in corporate, venture capital, private equity and securities law, and corporate finance, has developed a groundbreaking approach to teaching transactional lawyering—and it’s gaining national and regional traction.

_Healing Power of Light

_Eugenia Victoria Ellis

Nursing home residents with dementia who experience “sundowners syndrome”—agitated behavior toward the end of the day—may benefit from research in Drexel’s Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design and College of Engineering.

_Music Therapy

_Joke Bradt

Further research could help increase certainty in the findings and improve understanding of music’s impact on distress, body image and other aspects, for which research is currently too scarce to draw conclusions.

_Impact of Algal Blooms

_Ling Ren

‘Phytoplankton’ and ‘algal blooms’ aren’t exactly household words—but too much of either can have a serious impact on the food chain and, more importantly, human life.

_Tweeting Teachers

_Andrea Forte

"Many people are using these media in really important everyday ways. Like sharing information that helps them do their jobs better."

_Smart Garments

_Genevieve Dion

Form follows function: The promise of 'wearable technology'

_Measuring ‘Master Teachers’

_Sheila Vaidya

Sheila Vaidya, an associate professor in Drexel’s School of Education, believes a good teacher can have a huge impact on a student, a school, and ultimately, an entire region.

_Unanswered Questions

_Paula Zelanko

Large raptors like the osprey— active hunters and long-distance migrants—have complicated molt cycles because they can’t afford to be grounded for any significant amount of time.

_Traumatic Brain Injuries

_Mark Saks

Could progesterone help cure symptoms of traumatic brain injury?

_HIV Advances

_Jeffrey Jacobson AND TEAM

Drexel researchers are pioneering advances in the treatment and understanding of HIV and AIDS.

_Protecting Whistleblowers

_Michael Brennan

A set of new software programs developed by computer scientists at Drexel could soon help protect the speech of the disenfranchised and defend the voice of the whistleblower—all by confirming or contorting one’s writing style.

_Diabetes Crisis

_Longjian Liu

Diabetes is now one of the most common non-communicable diseases - but according to a recent Drexel study, the disease is taking an extra toll in the developing world.

_New Jersey Zoo

_Evan Boucher AND TEAM

Welcome to the New Jersey Zoo, and the Distant Past. Palentologists have discovered an abundance of marine fossils at a dig site in Gloucester County, N.J., and Drexel scientists are creating detailed digital reconstructions of their Cretaceous findings.

_Climate Change Trends

_Robert Brulle

Your belief–or disbelief–in the legitimacy of climate change may be determined by whether you vote red or blue on Election Day, a recent Drexel study suggests.

_‘Gateway’ to Abuse

Could routine prescriptions for teens—such as painkillers for post-surgery aches and pains—affect the way they misuse drugs later in life?

_The Clock is Ticking

_James Spotila

Drexel professor of biology James Spotila, a leading sea turtle expert, recently helped lead a study that could reduce deaths among endangered leatherback turtles.

_Coming Soon: Robofish

_James Tangorra

Drexel researchers are working with colleagues at Harvard and the University of Chicago to develop robotic fish that could serve the U.S. Navy.