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_Healing Sound Waves

_Peter A. Lewin AND TEAM

A battery-powered applicator — as small and light as a watch — is the first portable device to heal chronic wounds with low-frequency ultrasound.

_Just Add Salt

_Yury Gogotsi AND TEAM

In the search for a better recipe to produce thin sheets of metal oxide fit for energy storage, a little salt can go a long way.

_The Science of Co-op


Drexel is leading a group of higher-educational institutions to study how experiential learning affects educational outcomes.

_Movement Matters

_Ryan Petrie

Drexel researchers are seeking a better understanding of how cancer cells move so their spread can ultimately be slowed.

_Something’s in the Water

_Don Charles AND TEAM

Researchers have developed a new way to measure freshwater quality using microscopic algae called diatoms.

_Aging Secret

_Andres Kriete

A study of sleeping human cells suggests that the body is hardwired to respond to aging with the same pro-survival tactics it uses to fight off infections.


_Andrea Forte AND TEAM

Instagram has become a destination for some people making sensitive and stigmatized self-disclosures.

_Unnatural Methane Gas

_Peter DeCarlo

Despite a dip in the number of new wells being drilled in the Marcellus Shale, the amount of methane in the air in rural parts of Pennsylvania is on the rise.

_Making Space for All

_Brian Smith AND TEAM

School “makerspaces” have enormous potential to foster learning and engagement, but need to be inclusive of all learners.

_Young Urban Scientists

_Nancy Songer

A new project has young students in West Philadelphia participating in next-generation science activities to identify plants and animals living in their community and to provide solutions to city planners to increase the urban biodiversity in the city.

_$11M Grant

_Diana Robins

A new grant will allow researchers in the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute to explore the connection between early detection of autism spectrum disorder and improved outcomes.

_An Unexpected Guest

_John D. Hall AND TEAM

Researchers at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University found a foot-tall, dinosaur-era alga that had never previously been discovered in North America.

_The Book on Coloring

_Girija Kaimal AND TEAM

Adult coloring books can have positive effects on a person’s stress levels, but they’re no substitute for actual art therapy.

_A Budding Idea

_Danielle Banner

In Drexel’s Product Design program, great ideas begin with the end in mind.

_Tiny Catfish

_Tiago Carvahlo AND TEAM

An elusive eyeless catfish measuring less than an inch has finally been given a name by researchers from the Academy of Natural Science of Drexel University.

_Youth Movement

_Thomas Trojian

Drexel researchers believe youth coaches should teach young athletes better movement techniques that will reduce lower-body injuries.

_Adjudicating Genocide

_Rachel López

A study of the way nations confront the aftermath of genocide reveals new ideas about the best path to peace.

_Cell Skin

_Hao Cheng

Drexel researchers have discovered a new strategy for squeezing drugs into dense tumors. All it takes is a good disguise.

_What’s in a Name (Brand)?

_Elea McDonnell Feit

The relationship between internet search results and a brand’s success is more complex than common wisdom suggests.

_Double Duty

_Daniel Marenda

The discovery that a particular protein doesn’t just give cells jobs but also sticks around to teach them to perform their new assignments could provide insight into schizophrenia.

_Baby’s Breath

_Vineet Bhandari

Drexel researchers have successfully triggered a process in which cells engulf their own insides in mice subjects, which could be used to prevent chronic lung disease in premature infants.

_Can Data Have an Agenda?

_Julia Stoyanovich

If we’re not careful in how big data is collected, the samples we use to improve public policy will only reinforce existing problems.

_The Breaking Point

_Michel Barsoum AND TEAM

A new finding expands scientists' understanding of how layered materials handle pressure.

_Unequal Force

_James Buehler

In response to a study that gained widespread attention, a Drexel researcher looked closer at population-level data and found that white males are significantly less likely to be killed by police than males of color.

_Bug Zapper

_Akhil Vaidya

Two new antimalarial drugs increase cholesterol in a malaria parasite’s plasma membrane, making it too stiff to pass through the bloodstream.

_Common Core

_Ted Daeschler

An excavated Belgian quarry provides some of the earliest evidence of schools of different fish species using a common nursery to raise their young.

_Material Witnesses

_Michel Barsoum AND TEAM

Researchers around the world are examining a material invented in Drexel’s labs for clues about its potential use in batteries, wearable technology, mobile devices and so much more.

_Gym Vig

_Mark Stehr

Now there's proof you can't even pay people to go workout.

_Theory of Evolution

_Joshua Chang Mell

Researchers have made progress in understanding how a common pathogen causes the chronic lung infections in cystic fibrosis patients.

_Moss and Hidden Pollution

_Yvonne Michael AND TEAM

A sampling of naturally growing Orthotrichum lyelli moss from Portland, Oregon, exposed previously undetected sources of industrial pollution.

_Plant Power

_Shannon Capps

The regulation of emissions from the power sector could have a positive impact on plants, in addition to humans, according to new research.

_Seeing Green

_Eliezer Fich

The common perception that CEOs always sacrifice shareholder profits for their own in a merger may be flawed.

_Well Center Opens

_meghan Butryn AND TEAM

A new research center aims to untangle Americans’ often problematic relationship with food.

_A Factory for Future Fabrics

_Genevieve Dion

A regional manufacturing lab established by Drexel in collaboration with the federally funded Advanced Functional Fabrics of America will work with public-private partners to develop new “textile devices” and foster an American edge in fabric manufacturing.

_Sidelines Bias

_Ellen J. Staurowsky

A new study helps illuminate why fewer women are coaching college sport teams than in years past.

_PCBs in the Womb

_Kristen Lyall

A class of chemical compounds banned more than 40 years ago is still increasing the likelihood of children born with neurodevelopment disorders.

_Dust Might

_Christopher Li

Materials scientists at Drexel have invented a new approach to make dust-repellant properties of certain surfaces even stronger, opening up exciting possibilities for extending the life of medical devices.