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Drexel’s new APP Lab is the official headquarters for students interested in creating the next great app.


Myklipspics is a mobile app that helps users achieve the perfect haircut. Scholly helps students find available scholarship money. And ANS Explore! helps visitors to the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University get the most out of their visit.

iPhone Apps


Drexel’s new App Lab will help students further develop their STEAM skills (science, technology, engineering, the arts — which apps most definitely require — and mathematics) and ability to work smarter and collaboratively.

These seemingly unrelated mobile apps have one important thing in common: They were created by Drexel students. A 2014 gift from software company Bentley Systems has ensured that Drexel students have a dedicated space for app development, housed within Drexel’s ExCITe Center.

The new Application Development Laboratory (APP Lab) opened in January as a place for students to collaborate with each other, faculty and external entrepreneurs on mobile apps. Staffed by experienced developers, the lab is equipped with computers and a library of standard code and data useful for building apps.

A co-op position will be available for Pennoni Honors College students and students can compete for a small grant to support their proposed apps.

The lab’s website features online tutorials, or “screencasts,” teaching various app development techniques. There are also plans for occasional apps-related public events, panel discussions and demonstrations, and showcases for student research and development projects.